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Quiz: What’s Your Disney Park Personality?

When traveling to Orlando, sometimes you have plans to fit in several different attractions and have only certain days to spend at Walt Disney World. When that’s the case, a frequent question is which Disney park to visit, and which to skip? The answer is: it depends on your Disney Park Personality.

Each Disney Park has its own feel and atmosphere. Magic Kingdom is nostalgic and whimsical, Animal Kingdom is very eco-friendly, with beautiful sounds and music from Africa and Asia, Hollywood Studios is for thrill-seekers and those who love adrenaline and drama, while Epcot is for those who really adore science and history. Oh! And Epcot is also a favorite of die-hard Disney foodies, especially during the Food and Wine Festival.

While there is something for every one at each park, if you have limited time to spend, because you’ll be splitting your time between Disney and Universal, or other local Orlando attractions, you’ll want to be sure to hit the parks that definitely match you and your travel companions personas.

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That’s why we’ve created the “What’s Your Disney Park Personality?” Quiz! To give you some high level insight to which park you’ll enjoy. If you’re a first timer, we hope that this quiz is very helpful in choosing where to spend your time at Disney.

If you’re not a first timer, we’re interested to know— was your park personality right? Share your results in the comments!

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