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If you enjoy Disney World or have been researching for a Disney vacation, you may have heard of DVC rentals. DVC is the Disney Vacation Club. DVC rentals are ways for non Disney Club Members to experience some of the perks of Disney Vacation Club. If you’re considering DVC rentals, but don’t know much about it, here is a brief overview of the basics.

Why DVC?

Disney Vacation Club is a beneficial membership for certain types of Disney vacationers. If you regularly make trips to Walt Disney World and always stay in deluxe resorts, then Disney Vacation Club is probably for you. It also makes more sense for families as the accommodations tend to support 5-9 sleepers depending on what you book.

What DVC membership does is lock in today’s rate on future Disney vacations. Your purchase gives you an allotment of points that are distributed annually. These points can be used at DVC resorts around Disney World where lodgings cost x number of points per night. Points can be banked for the next year, or borrowed from the next year.

What is a DVC Rental?

DVC members will sometimes rent out their vacation points as well. This is done through brokers, typically online. An owner will rent out points that they are unable to use instead of banking them for later use. A broker will then match the points to the needs of a customer who is looking to book a DVC lodging for a vacation. People who rent DVC may be DVC membership candidates, or they may check some of the boxes, such as need for deluxe resorts, or larger families, but they don’t make annual, or biannual trips to Walt Disney World.

It’s worth noting as well that Walt Disney World is not the only place where DVC resorts exist. Disney properties in California and Hawaii have DVC resorts, and there are even non Disney DVC resorts around the world.

Are DVC Rentals Allowed?

DVC rentals are totally legitimate and above board. Disney completely allows it. A member’s points are points that they have bought and can do with as they please. Renting DVC points is a great way for potential buyers to see what DVC ownership could be like without making the initial down payment. There are potential problems with attempting to rent DVC points, however. make sure that the broker you rent from is reputable before making a transaction.

What do You Get with a DVC Rental?

DVC rentals do not come with all the perks and benefits of membership. You basically are able to rent the space at a deluxe resort and pay about half for it than you would if you booked it directly through Disney. As a renter, you are not entitled to discounts or exclusive events. Also, non DVC resorts, cruises, and Adventures by Disney cost more to rent and are not worth the trouble.

How To Rent DVC.

Simply go to a trusted DVC Rental site such as David’s Vacation Club, or DVCstore.com. Submit the rental form and follow the step by step instructions. Each site has a slightly different process, but you will find them to be straightforward and easy to understand. Just know what type of lodging you want to book and details, such as dates, before filling out a rental request form.

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