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Top 5 Restaurants You Cannot Miss at Walt Disney World

When it comes to dining at Walt Disney World there are certain things you just have to get right. You have to make your reservations early enough to secure the most popular restaurants. You have to decide on the amazing fine dining options. Then there are all the character meals that you have to choose from. What kind of experience do you want? Buffet, or Family Style. What characters are you most interested in? Do you pick a character buffet inside a park or outside? With all these questions regarding many of the best restaurants in Walt Disney World, there is one other thing to consider. What restaurants cannot be missed? Can’t miss Disney World restaurants are not cost prohibitive. They are places everyone can– and should– enjoy. Here are five of the best Disney World restaurants to plan for, because they encompass the Disney World experience.

Woody’s Lunchbox

The counter service restaurant in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios a must do experience. It’s one of those can’t miss Disney World restaurants that you have to try because it is so well themed. The theming makes it fun, and that is what dining at Walt Disney World is all about. Eating at Woody’s Lunchbox is not just a cool experience, it totally makes the Toy Story Land experience by tying it all together.

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Be Our Guest

This fast casual lunch time experience takes theming to a whole new level. Our experience here has always been very good, but it’s a very hot topic for Disney fans, especially by quick service standards! But for us, the ambiance is the real draw here and it does not disappoint. Be Our Guest is a Fantasyland staple and it really feels like you have stepped into the Beast’s enchanted castle. The restaurant is divided into 3 different areas- The Grand Ballroom, The West Wing (Beast’s Study with the Enchanted Rose) and The Castle Gallery.

Dinner at Be Out Guest is now a Signature Table Service Restaurant, meaning a meal is 2 Dining Plan credits. Breakfast and lunch are considered Quick Service meals.

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Hands down our favorite thing about dining at Be Our Guest is the ambiance. Our food has always been great, (and we love the “Grey Stuff”) but we just love being there!

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Once you step into this southwestern saloon, you will know you made the right choice. The atmosphere is so fun! There is plenty of space and  indoor seating. Like Casey’s Corner, this establishment is based off of one of the Walt Disney shorts on American Tall Tales. Paul Bunyan and Johnny Appleseed have even paid their respects if you look around for clues. The free toppings bar and the scent of corn chips makes it a favorite of mine.

Yak and Yeti

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This table service restaurant in the Asia section of Animal Kingdom is the perfect stop for travelers from every corner of the park. The Himalayan ambience and the pan asian cuisine are very complimentary and the food here is very, very good for the price. The restaurant is quintessential Disney without being too pricey or including characters in the meal.

Disney for Military Favorite: The Ahi Tuna Nachos! If you’re not a fan of Tuna, trade it for chicken. We promise, you won’t be upset!


Via Napoli

Finally, another restaurant you need reservations for! It’s Italian. It’s GOOD Italian; and it’s pretty much the main attraction in the Italy pavilion. Epcot has a lot of great food at the 11 represented countries. Some are better than others and Italy is right up there, among the best. What makes Via Napoli one of the can’t miss Disney World restaurants is the amazing pizza and the fact that it’s really the best way to experience this pavilion.

What do you think? Are there any can’t miss Disney World restaurants we forgot to mention? Share your thoughts in the comments.