cinderellas castle magic kingdom
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Visit Magic Kingdom: 5 Reasons You Should Not Skip

cinderellas castle magic kingdom

You are here because you are considering the possibility of not going to Magic Kingdom on your upcoming Walt Disney World vacation. What?! I’m sure you have your reasons, but the only one I can think of is that you may be familiar with Disneyland and you think Magic Kingdom is just a carbon copy. Not only is that notion far from the truth, but we have five great reasons why you should visit Magic Kingdom.

It’s The Flagship Park

This is the one park Walt Disney had planned for Walt Disney World. there weren’t supposed to be any other parks. Instead Walt Disney world was to be a magnet for American industry and a prototypical city where new ideas could constantly develop and reshape our civilization. The one thing that stayed more or less the same was Magic Kingdom. This is the park that has all of the traditional Disney elements, from the hub and spoke park model, to the division of themed lands, especially Fantasyland and Main Street USA.

Disney History

Visit Magic Kingdom if you have any interest at all in Disney history. There are some Disney Originals here that don’t even exist in the original Disneyland Park. Country Bear Jamboree debuted in Magic Kingdom and this is the only park where you can still see the Carousel of Progress and ride the Peoplemover. All of the classic Disney attractions exist in Magic Kingdom from Pirates of the Caribbean to It’s a Small World.

A Whole New World

If you are worried that Magic Kingdom is too much like Disneyland, don’t be. As a matter of fact, the better you know Disneyland, the more interesting the differences at Magic Kingdom become. Basic layouts like the connection between Frontierland and Adventureland, and the theming around Pirates of the Caribbean are completely different. Magic Kingdom has Liberty Square instead of New Orleans Square. Plus everything in Magic Kingdom is so much bigger. Its like sliding into a parallel Disney reality. Everything there is just a little different, like a Royale with Cheese.

Unique Dining and Entertainment

Magic Kingdom has some can’t miss dining and entertainment. You can watch the Happily Ever After fireworks from outside the park, but nothing is the same as being there. There is so much more to the spectacle that is unparalleled. Don’t miss out on the chance to dine at Be Our Guest and experience what it is like inside the Beast’s castle. The Skipper Canteen is another delightfully immersive experience for the Jungle Cruise fans.

Sorcerers of The Magic Kingdom

If you have been to Magic Kingdom a lot, you may come to the conclusion that you can miss it just this once; but there is always something new to discover here. Sorcerers of The Magic Kingdom is the perfect interactive quest for guests who are familiar with the Magic Kingdom Layout and don’t necessarily need to go on every ride. There are other interactive adventures as well that you can do in Adventureland. Whether you take down Hades and save the kingdom or enlist in a Pirate Adventure, there is no end to new discoveries at this historic park.

All in all, the Magic Kingdom is not only a park you shouldn’t skip, but you won’t be able to get to everything in just one day! In fact, if people have an “extra day” and ask what park to revisit our answer is always Magic Kingdom!

How many times have you been to Magic Kingdom?

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