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Why You Need The Express Pass at Universal

universal resort orlando express passIf you stay at a premier Universal Orlando resort, one of the perks is a Universal Express Pass. The pass allows you to move to the front of the line on select attractions all over the resort. If you don’t get this benefit, you can still pay for the privilege. Here are five reasons why you should.

It Saves Time

When you have an Express Pass at Universal Orlando you have the immediate benefit of skipping the traditional standby line at a lot of the attraction queues. By getting on to an attraction faster, you free up a lot of your time. If you don’t have Express Pass on your Universal Orlando trip, unfortunately, you will need to prepare to spend a lot of time Standing around and waiting for the next big ride experience to finally happen. The biggest problem that comes from not buying the express pass is the feeling that you spent all day waiting in lines.

You Can Do More

The Universal Express Pass is about more than just patience. It’s about efficiency. Think about all the things you can do when you are not waiting in line. You can even go wait in another line, which is technically the idea behind Disney’s Fastpass. But at Universal, the Express Pass doesn’t simply save your place in line. That’s a virtual queue. Express pass moves you forward, right away, so you can immediately move on to other things.

You Can Slow Down

When you have a Universal Express Pass it takes a lot of pressure off of your day. It’s especially great if you have a shorter vacation. Without an Express Pass, you are guaranteed to be rushing around both parks trying to keep on schedule without missing out on anything. A key benefit of the Universal Express Pass is that it lets you relax. You can enjoy a longer meal time, or take in your surroundings more deeply.


Another benefit of having a Universal Express Pass is that you will simply have a better time. You will enjoy the rides more. The longer you wait for a ride, the more “worth it” that ride has to be. With the Express Pass, you greatly improve the ratio of cost to reward because you essentially walk right onto the ride. The stakes are a lot lower and it takes the pressure off of having to get a ton of enjoyment out of a single ride.

Plan More Efficiently

Finally, what I love most about the Universal Express Pass is that it removes unpredictability from your day. Wait times for attractions can fluctuate. You might get lucky and have a few walk-on attractions, but you don’t know that that will happen beforehand. You also don’t know how long the lines are likely to get. It’s hard to plan your day and set reasonable expectations, when you don’t know how much of your time will be spent standing in line. When you remove this variable, you are able to plan a more thorough vacation.

Are you a fan of the Universal Express pass? We personally never go to Universal without it! When we book our vacation to Universal, we specifically look for rooms that have a military discount AND are at one of the many resorts that includes the Express Pass as a guest.

Those resorts include Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, Loews Hard Rock Hotel, and Loews Royal Pacific Hotel.

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